General InformationEdit

Cartels are groups of players working together for a common goal. A Cartel is a "Group of like-minded people dedicated to accomplish one task". A group of gangsters in one team.

  • A Cartel can have a maximum of 15 members.

Starting Your own CartelEdit

Click "Create Cartel", type a name in, hit Enter, and you've got a Cartel. However, this may make you a bigger target, so I'd consider all the pros and cons if I were you.

Joining A CartelEdit

You must be first invited,


  • Bank-Donate to the Cartel bank, and raise it's net worth.
  • Board and live chat.
  • Protection, comradeship.
  • Potentially becoming "famous", and getting free items such as rings for ranking highly.

See alsoEdit

Cartel Directory

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